As undoubtedly you are more than aware, the business world faces a new crisis – a global pandemic.

Whilst the general safety of the public and your staff at this time will be of paramount importance to you, you are likely to be confronted with

All organisations will be seeking means by which they can continue to operate in a marketplace of uncertain and (perhaps dramatically) reduced demand and still be able to pay staff, supply chains and the wider chain of stakeholders in your business, such as Banks and financial institutions.

What follows is an initial list of considerations and advice that Barrons feel might assist you to help sustain and maintain your business operations. It is not expected to be an exhaustive list, different industries and sectors will be facing quite different challenges,  more we are seeking to assist you in considering the opportunities that are available to you to best position your business at this time.

  1. Business Planning and Short Term Funding Requirements


  1. Business Continuity Planning


  1. Government Support for Business


  1. Other Considerations


  1. IT Support


  1. Barrons Continuity


  1. Barrons Team Members – Bespoke Advice for Individual Problems