With the ongoing impact of COVID-19 upon most businesses at this time, and with no clear indication of what further measures and consequent trade restrictions that may yet be imposed in already difficult trading circumstance,  business directors are being forced to consider whether they should be considering a form of formal creditor process.

Running a business has always been a challenge, but the global pandemic has been one of the toughest that company directors have encountered. Directors face some important challenges that they will need to recognise as such and make the right decisions in response.

Barrons are not insolvency practitioners but we think we should help you to consider decisions that you might be forced to take.


  1. What Am I Looking For?


  1. Surely Government Has Introduced Help?


  1. What Measures Were Extended To Help?


  1. What Should I Do Now?


  1. What If My Company Does Need More Support – What Are My Options?